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Catherine Chandler

An American by birth, a Canadian by choice, and a Uruguayan by marriage, Catherine Chandler’s travel credentials include surviving a storm on a catamaran in the Beagle Channel, a bee swarm in Brazil, and altitude sickness in the Andes. She’s dodged Patagonian icebergs on Lago Argentina and rode the rapids on the Iguazú. She’s tasted wine in a Mendoza vineyard, pizza in Verona, poutine in Québec, and Philly cheesesteaks in Philly. She’s bathed in the waters at Lourdes (alas, no miracles!), driven through a snowstorm in the Italian Alps and rolled down Martial glacier in Ushuaia. Visit her Wonderful Boat, where you can read and hear some of her recent work.

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Watershed Issue 22 | April 2015