Poetry - Issue 23 | November 2015

Two Poems by F. J. Williams

And you, Český Krumlov

I save my wow for the finishing line,
my jelly book of scraps, my smudgy blurs,
your snug little map from a sheet on wine
and Wiki facts. I’ve no need to refer

to Egg and Berry brewery, to the pack
of Czechy words I made but didn’t work
in this pink town. I’d readily go back
to your best spots, the unfired gun, that perk

of puppet shops and pseudo fresco walls.
I tap on Google Earth for Krumlov views
and listen for the boat men’s river calls,
a city drowned and drained again. At news

that ships once sailed your streets, my mind’s a-whirr
so I now write my wow, my cri de coeur.

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About the author

F. J. Williams has published three poetry collections, Reading Lesson in the Lifers’ Wing (Peterloo), The Model Shop (Waterloo Press) and On Lipstick Beach (Poetry Original Plus). He’s taught in schools and has lectured in English at University College, Chester.

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