Poetry - Issue 23 | November 2015

Two Poems by F. J. Williams

Hot desk

Sexy wits try the swingers’ club from here,
a bulky list of names, tastes and rendezvous.
Others come for WiFi, work and leave
a cup of dregs, a greasy burger box,
a syringe and spoon in the WC.
Someone puts her eyes on at the screen,
swipes primer on the glass and lets it dry.
Another, digging notches in the splintered desk,
knocks off the days until retirement.
Those who never quit leave jackets on the chair
and come to work to find themselves.
Familiar with the dustpan, the divine
who wipes the desk of dabs, takes out the cans
and walks the wine-dark asphalt to the bins.

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About the author

F. J. Williams has published three poetry collections, Reading Lesson in the Lifers’ Wing (Peterloo), The Model Shop (Waterloo Press) and On Lipstick Beach (Poetry Original Plus). He’s taught in schools and has lectured in English at University College, Chester.

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