Poetry - Issue 23 | November 2015

Norse Explorers Reach the Mississippi

Pastor Annie's Directions for How to Get There

by Anne Babson

Vignette, Townhouse, 9 a.m.

by Troy Cunio

Night Becomes Day Over the West

by Megan Foley

Yukon River Aurora

by D. B. Goman

The Spell

Upon This Rock

by David Havird

Cretan Love Letter

by Emily Linstrom


by Rick Mullin

Fear in Kenya

by Kristina Pfleegor

The Lounge Lizard

by Ed Shacklee

Oarsman Ghazal

Visiting the Outer Space Exhibit in Bonn on New Year’s Day 2015

by Sarah Sloat

Night Flight

by Vicki Stannard

Koinonia Farms

by Alina Stefanescu

Thessaloniki, Four a.m.

by Anastasia Vassos

Imaginary Oceans

by Jason Warren

And you, Český Krumlov

Hot desk

by John Williams

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