Issue 12 – The [collective noun] of Poets Issue

Summer distracts us with the greening word-sprawl on the horizon, as well as thoughts of going somewhere else, if only for a day. See how that vapor trail spells [your name here]?

We’ve been waiting for escape, and now we have Summer and Issue 12 to take us there. Forget about the relentless push of numerals that decrease when we talk about our bank accounts, or increase when we talk about how many days, hours and seconds we’ve lived. Wherever we go, whatever we do, let summer change the equation to x = why.

Raise your glass to Issue 12’s [draft, ennui, frisk, havoc, mull, sprawl, jubilee, throng, murmur, cacophony, sublimation, picnic, and litter] of poets. Once again, The Literary Bohemian proves itself the logical choice for an extended swing in the hammock.