The Literary Bohemian publishes first-class writing and visual art that transports the reader to Elsewhere.

Please send your previously unpublished poetry, prose & visual poetry inspired by real or imagined places.

Poetry – up to five poems, no more than 100 lines each

Postcard Prose – up to three pieces, no more than 350 words each

Visual Poetry / Prose – up to three visual pieces — art haiku, concrete, collage, erasure, anything creative & home-grown

Our editorial process

Thank you for entrusting us with your work. We judge with a blind eye. So please – no identifying marks on your uploaded submission. To ensure fairness we assign at least two editors to your work.

Our turnaround time can take anywhere from a few weeks to up to three months. Please include a short (up to 150 words) third-person bio to share where you’ve been and where you’d love to go. We also welcome a list of up to five online or print publications where we can find your work.

Simultaneous submissions are fine – we can’t blame you for trying your luck in multiple places. However, please withdraw your work immediately through Submittable if it’s been accepted elsewhere.

Our fine print

When you submit to The Literary Bohemian you agree to the following:

  1. This submission is your original, previously unpublished work. It does not appear on any publicly accessible printed or online medium.
  2. The Literary Bohemian has first rights to work submitted, which will revert to you, the author, immediately upon publication. If your work will be published elsewhere, please credit The Literary Bohemian as the journal where your work first appeared.
  3. The Literary Bohemian has nonexclusive rights to publish and use your work, in whole or in part, by electronic means without limitation over the internet, and will archive your work indefinitely.
  4. The Literary Bohemian will promote your work on Facebook & Instagram, as well as nominate your work for Best New Poets, Best of the Net, The Pushcart Prize, Verse Daily, and other awards and anthologies.

We use Submittable for submissions management.

More from The Journal

  • Poetry

    Two Poems by Rick Mullin

    I faced her toward the river in a shirt/or mid-length camisole. That’s all I had/ to work with in a minute’s time and dirt./ She gives the composition something bad/ to hold against a shadow on the wall.

  • Postcard Prose

    Inside This Diorama, 1

    By Sherry O' Keefe

    Beauty is. We are driving back from my daughter’s birthday dinner at the Chop House on the far side of town. The roads are slick with iced dew from falling snow.

  • Postcard Prose

    Inside this Diorama, 2

    By Sherry O' Keefe

    I pick my path through the deep snow and kneel. Mittens off, macro setting on, I still my breath and focus on the shot. The world as I know it freezes, catches its breath and waits for Mother in a Red Coat to snap her shot

  • Poetry


    By Craig Cotter

    I'm approaching 200 stitches in my career/ since going down the ice hill we made/opening a fire hydrant/ in Drayton Plains, Michigan / lectured by a fireman/ who was quite hot.

  • Poetry

    I Travel Back in Time

    By Michael Bazzett

    This is how I study history. I go there./ I see the sights and smell the smells/ which often entail fresh/ dung, spring/ rain, and copious animal odors.

  • Postcard Prose

    It’s Salty

    By Kelly Hill

    Trying to wrap my mind around living on a tropical island for thirteen years and never once seeing the ocean, I stumbled through my Indonesian vocabulary to say, It’s good. It’s big.

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