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We’re sorry, but The Literary Bohemian is no longer accepting submissions.

The Literary Bohemian published first-class writing and visual art inspired by real or imagined places from 2008 to 2022. Our journal of journeys has always been an out-of-pocket, unpaid labor of love. But life’s new balance sheet no longer justifies the maintenance costs or hours spent creating new issues. 

We’ve published award-winning work since the beginning, and have received accolades from Poets & WritersBest of the NetNew Pages, and others. Thanks to designer, Colin Lewis, this beautifully made literary magazine will continue to inspire with its unique archive of poetry, postcard prose, travel notes and visual poetry. Rummage around and see what you find.

And may the road rise up to meet you,

Carolyn Harris Zukowski, Editor

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  • Visual Poetry


    By Chris Pais


  • Visual Poetry

    Always Apocalypse, part 2

    By Zachary Gambrill

    black ink on paper

  • Visual Poetry

    Always Apocalypse, part 1

    By Zachary Gambrill

    comic book cover

  • Postcard Prose

    The One About the Dead Man in Laurel Canyon

    By Lauren Barbato

    I’d been thinking about leaving. I’d been thinking how there’s something about out here. Before long it’s a new January and you’re hungover with a heartache for a man you won’t see for several years until he pops up on that very popular, critically-acclaimed sitcom with that actress you learned to like, then hate, then feign indifference abou

  • Poetry

    Two Poems by Renee Emerson

    The leak in your breathing/ tube makes a cartoon squeak./ It takes two nurses, silent/ as nuns, to place you/ in my arms...

  • Poetry

    Two Poems by John Randall

    If I have already/ gone insane/ but I want to get/ crazier yet,/ what’s my move?/ Go outsane?

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