Two Poems by John Randall


If I have already
gone insane
but I want to get
crazier yet,
what’s my move?
Go outsane?

Crazy outside means
Attack of leaf blower,
mind wound down
like weedeater string;
the smell of suddenly
snipped neurons;
amphibious on gasoline,
when two strokes are
none too many.

How many RPMs?
How much throttle?

Green guffaw
zero turn.

In the end,
I throw myself
to the ground
and roll around
on freshly mowed grass
until there’s nothing left
to cut.

Weekday Special

He felt bad for feeling bad
So he took his old lines
To a thrift store, making
Way for some new ones. As
He waited to write, he took a part-time
Job as a coupon for two medium,
Two-topping pizzas. Someone
Immediately tried to use him twice
In the same night. A few times
People wanted two large pizzas,
Or three toppings a pie. One person
Just wanted cheese. But you gotta
Get the toppings, he said,
That’s what I’m doing here.
The manager was always making
Concessions. You don’t have my back,
Said the coupon. Right before tearing himself
In two and sitting down to write this poem.

About the author

John Randall often writes about the natural world and finds that travel sparks a desire to put pen to paper. His interests include painting,…

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Issue 25 - Spring 2022

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