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  • Poetry

    Three Poems by Dinah Ryan

    I have fallen in love with winter, / with the day that ends at 3:45 in the afternoon. // with the man striding along the path grasping / a pink plastic bag that glows incandescent / although it only contains dish soap / and the cat food he carries home after work …

  • Poetry

    Two Poems by Daisy Bassen wonder again about the soul, / Where it hides, where it ventures. / There's always one you have to bring to oblivion...

  • Poetry

    Three Poems by Carl Boon

    I wanted to be gray-faced / and hated by the Yankees / in the suburbs past Carleton.

  • Poetry

    Two Poems by Patricia Behrens

    Once he’d made the long, impetuous trip, / once we were there, evening air billowing my skirt / over the Pacific, surf sweeping like brushes over drums, / I knew we’d marry.

  • Poetry


    By Kris Spencer

    I lived by a river with tides unresolved / Under the house a sewer under a wooden board it ran / Sometimes a tapping sometimes a hum in the night like a motor

  • Poetry

    Upon Entering the Unknown University

    By Christopher Chambers

    and I dream of a young woman from Prague / standing beside a red motorcycle as if so much / depended upon it...

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