Carolyn Zukowski · editor

Once upon a time, Carolyn moved from Maine to Southern Bohemia, where she met her Canadian husband. They’ve been backpacking through life together ever since. She’s raised a family, owned and managed Krumlov House and earned low-residency MA and MFA degrees in Creative Writing at MMU in the UK. You can find her work in print and online literary magazines.

Kristen McHenry · reader

Kristen McHenry is a poet, blogger and writer living in Seattle, Washington. She is from the land of the cold and choppy waters. In between bouts of writing, she plays vintage Tomb Raider and lifts heavy things. Her work can be found on the internet.

Michelle Taylor Harris · reader, art advisor

After gleefully fleeing to Seattle at the first opportunity to work with Wizards of the Coast, it wasn’t long before Michelle Taylor Harris gained a new appreciation for her home state of Maine and returned to raise a family. Currently a software tester and field hockey league organizer, she reads and sews and dreams of future travels.

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    Never Without Her Umbrella

    By Kory Wells

    The local tour guide believes in leather boots with wide toes. Sturdy soles. Protein for breakfast.

  • Postcard Prose

    Red Skies

    By Kimberly Ramos

    The young sailor said he would give me a modicum of love if I let him use my body as a harbor.

  • Postcard Prose


    By Kory Wells

    The ticket seller would prefer to meet the guests outside, order them shortest to tallest, take the most boisterous by the hand.

  • Poetry

    Two Poems by Nick Conrad

    The skull-like villa lost in a garden of dreams, so seem the isle’s cimitero:

  • Poetry

    Three Poems by Dinah Ryan

    I have fallen in love with winter, / with the day that ends at 3:45 in the afternoon. // with the man striding along the path grasping / a pink plastic bag that glows incandescent / although it only contains dish soap / and the cat food he carries home after work …

  • Poetry

    Two Poems by Daisy Bassen wonder again about the soul, / Where it hides, where it ventures. / There's always one you have to bring to oblivion...

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