Issue 20 – Working In Inklings

In each issue lies a hidden and slowly emerging theme. We would describe this better, but our expertise lies less in the concrete than in glimmers, twinkling ideas and shadowy hints.

Editors work in inklings: small, silvery thoughts that shine and dart as our nets descend. Each issue collects a trawler-full of these slippery notions, and as we turn back toward the shore we begin to sort and discover, inevitably, a new mystery from the collective deep – this time coauthored by twenty poets.

Among the authors, images repeat: street corners, doors and keys and caged birds. Roads lead south, where people speak italicized Spanish. Authors repeat as well: six of the twenty here have returned to ride with us again, much to our surprise and satisfaction.

As each inkling nudges its neighbor into place, a new issue forms – and a new nugget of unobtanium. At Issue 20, we find ourselves once again grateful for all our readers and writers, new and old. Perhaps the overwhelming theme for The Literary Bohemian is this: we will never get used to it.