Issue 8 – Accolades

Vague hints of spring ripple the air, and pigeons coo coyly on the sill as they draw up their Valentine greetings. We get them all year long: as we look back we are reminded that the mighty Canongate loves us, as does the sweet Luna Park, and when we recently nominated three of a maximum three authors to the Dzanc Books 2010 anthology Best of the Web, all three were chosen. Huzzah! Resistance is futile, so become a fan already. We also have a brand new colleague who keeps fire-bellied toads, brings a heavenly glow to our editorial meetings, and helps keep our task Herculean rather than Sisyphean. The difference between the two is at times breathtakingly small.

On top of it all, we have another birthday to celebrate within our ranks. This issue is baked from the fruits of our labor, and we present this gift to the woman who one day called me up and said, “So I have an idea for a new journal…” Many happy returns, CZ.