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  • Poetry

    Blessing of the Animals

    By Henry Walters

    We followed her in, a stray, the fattest & first, the temple cat./ In a niche by the altar she crouches, watches them come: the/ mad parade we’d wanted, this troupe of heretics — the ass,/ alpaca, gyrfalcon — unbroken line of celebrants, creatures ...

  • Poetry

    Why Honey Matters

    By Ksenia Rychtycka

    Mother comes to me as I’m making honey cake, / measuring out sugar then whipping eggs. / Never mind that Mother left this earth / eighteen months earlier...

  • Poetry

    In Transit

    By Rimas Uzgiris

    The trolley bus won’t go. / Its reins have fallen from the wires.

  • Poetry

    Missing Buses

    By Maryann Corbett

    I miss things: swooping, diving, passionate voices/ in several African tongues, so far beyond me/ they might as well have beamed from the constellations.

  • Poetry

    The Trek

    By Pui Ying Wong

    Here’s the river I stepped in more than twice.// I can’t see them but I know the boats/ are going by in the sturdy fog...

  • Poetry

    Red Coat

    By R L Swihart

    And now you explore the hidden pockets and come up/ with a City Guide (in English) you picked up in Amsterdam./ Why did I keep that? Where were we going? But she’s/ not there to answer

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