Issue 23 – A Lesson in Primes

  • From the editors
  • Carolyn Harris Zukowski

We all know that 23 is a prime number, and what we have in this issue of 23 writers can only be described as prime writing. But there’s more to it than that. 23 degrees describes the earth’s tilt. There are 23 letters in the Roman Alphabet. 23 hundred stones comprise the Great Pyramid. Euclid’s geometry contains 23 axioms. The first Morse code transmission – What hath God wrought? – was from the Bible, Numbers 23:23. Humans have 23 vertebrae running down their spines (except for Carolyn’s husband, who has one extra, go figure.) And 23 chromosomes are what each parent contributes to its offspring. In telegraph code, 23 means break the line. And it is here, dear readers, we’ll stop. At least for now. 

The Literary Bohemian editors are in the prime of their lives and ready to travel to new frontiers—roads less traveled, publication, and parenthood. So much has changed since we began in 2008. After 23 years of living abroad, Carolyn has bought a car. Kristen is excited about her upcoming book publication. But Colin tops it with a brand new baby girl, to whom we dedicate this issue. 

And without further adieu, 23 skidoo!