Anders’ Place

Anders has everything I want in a man except sugar.

Once, my brother and I were on a hunt together, and there were good-looking hunters from South Carolina in the next tent. One stood in the opening and asked if they could borrow coffee. Jim said they could, If you’ll give me some sugar, so the guy kissed him.

I could kiss Anders, no problem. It’s good to be with men you can kiss and hug and rub. We have major problems being human. But Anders falls below the horizon sometimes. I have to call. I understand that now. I have to do the calling.

This morning he got up and went to work and left me here among his things. He has let me into his life, and I have let him into mine.

Later, I’ll let in his cat, Felicia. She loves me with a passion. This is rare, Anders says. Felicia doesn’t bond much.

Day is dawning on our dirty dishes. I get up, make my coffee, drink it black.

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A native Oklahoman, William Males moved to Sweden during the Vietnam War. He holds an MFA from the low-residency Writing Seminars at Bennington College,…

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Issue 03 · February 2009

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