De Profundis

after Hilbert

The zipper on my laptop bag went bust
at John Wayne Airport in the morning rush.
I was a nightmare at security—
the Baba Cool in stocking feet and dust,
performing a Caesarian. That crush
would see me pull the flat facsimile
of consciousness from broken sack to trough
and slide it on the roller bars. I fumbled
with my belt and dropped it in the tray.
Getting it all together was enough
to deal with on the other side. I stumbled
to the plane and later made my way
through Newark with a lump of Naugahyde
and tangled cable slouching at my side.

About the author

Rick Mullin has travelled throughout Europe and the US as a business journalist covering the pharmaceutical and chemical industries for the American Chemical Society’s…

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Issue 18 · June 2013

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