The Highway Christmas Tree Outlet in April


Pines have lean souls and never feel trapped
in the forest.

They are in perfect health and beautiful.  The salesman says this, like a pediatrician
to the mother with fluttering, drained hands.

The starry lambent light makes way for no cars in the parking lot,
a long summer impeaching November-December’s wealth of sales,

chronic restocking of gin-scented needles. Indoors, the night riddles with quiet.


When the natural world recycles, the artificial never dies, becomes a chilly filibuster.  Landfills of winter-bones acquire and remain, hushed and crowded, like a mob of pre-disposed bodies.

About the author

Christine Reilly lives in New York, New York, but used to live in London and Northern Ireland. She teaches at the Professional Children's School…

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Issue 18 · June 2013

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