Five poems from Shoshauna Shy

What the Postcard Didn't Say - #20

Eddy’s wife is at Hospice
but after she goes
Eddy’s buying a yacht
and sailing to Alaska
I love you Helen
but can you spell
J-E-A-L-O-U-S ?

What the Postcard Didn't Say - #24

In the changing room
at my sister’s health club
my penknife left a slit
in every bathingsuit and bra cup
attached by a strap
to dry on the lockers
At my hotel that night
she called to tell me
how smart her coach:
He has a suspect

What the Postcard Didn't Say - #23

In the airport this morning
I realized
the only reason I love you
is because you love me
and after 20 years
that is not a good reason
to stay married to you
nor is it a good enough
reason to leave
I did fall in love once
but this is safer

What the Postcard Didn't Say - #10

I’m coming home a day early
so I can glimpse your breasts
under those pajamas of flannel
in the scant moments when
I chase Neighbor Bob
out through our bedroom window

What the Postcard Didn't Say - #34

The next time you declare
you hate your ‘fat’ thighs
I will somehow manage
to kill you
Those thighs of yours squat
jump sprint and climb
which is more than
my wheelchair can do

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Issue 22 · April 2015

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