In Transit

Kaunas, Lithuania, 1993

The trolley bus won’t go.
Its reins have fallen from the wires.

When the driver lifts them up
a bolt of light breaks free
and we sink into silence again.

I have to go —
the flowers are wilting
and I have to go —

this can’t be my love,
on an outer road

stuck in a traffic ring
while cars budge past,
elbowing us —

like the scowling crone in a cowl
pushing through an oblivious crowd,
a sewing pin stuck between fingers —

needling the corpse
of our transport.

About the author

Rimas Uzgiris is a poet and translator whose work has appeared in the Barrow Street, Hudson Review, Paris Review, Poetry Review (UK) and other…

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Issue 24 · September 2021

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