Hijab jilbab
Boys with pressed hair
Mak nyahs wearing saris
smile as I pass near.
Twin Towers, King’s Palace
Old new
Versace Prada Juicy Couture
Bukit Bintang.
Man with machine gun
guards jewelry store.
Sales on sandals
Baju chocolate
Batik art-central market
Crowded streets, cars crawl, bikes hurry.
Open kitchens chilied meats
Rice noodles soup curry.
Chinatown, Little India
Jalan to villages
Orang Asli jungles.
Malay me.
Man offers me girl,
sells me watch.
Woman proposes massage for foot
In tank of fishes.
Granting wishes
like genies in a shisha
to help my stay Malay style.
No fear, all love
Even a Paris Hilton store-lah
KL again for sure-lah.

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Nigel Barto was thankful for the air conditioned bus stops in Dubai because the temperature was in the triple digits; and running into a…

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Issue 17 · March 2013

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